About Us



SquishyFish LLC began as a way to give back. In 2010, our family became one of the 60,000 homeless individuals and families on Skid Row. Focused determination and persistence eventually helped us find stable footing in society. To show gratitude for the help we received from The Union Rescue Mission, Upward Bound House, School on Wheels, and PATH - People Assisting The Homeless, we volunteered with these organizations and the SquishyFish Crew was born!



S.H.A.R.E stands for Someone Helping Another Re-Establish. Not only will your reusable S.H.A.R.E Pack hold your lunch, a child in need is carrying their lunch in one too AND a portion of your purchase helps house homeless families!  You can also donate all of your purchased S.H.A.R.E. packs to a child and save shipping costs!

Limited Time Only


Everyone needs to destress from daily life. Add a squishy ball to your order! Their super fun in traffic, at work, at school or anywhere!

And be on the lookout for more school products COMING SOON!